Blog Party Day 2: Guest Post by Emilie

Photography Around the house: A guest post by Emilie
allot of times, it is hard for me to go somewhere to take pictures, so i end up photographing things around my house. photographing inside my house and in my backyard can often become un-inspiring and the pictures become boring because i take photos of the same things over and over again. i have found a few things that really help me to create better photographs in and around my house.

  • be creative! there are hundreds of little objects(and bigger objects) lying around waiting to have their pictures taken. find things that aren't normally photographed such as earrings, dog bowls, silverware, etc.

  • try out a new focus on something you have already photographed before. it really does make a difference and can change the whole photo!

  • above is a photo that i like but it was very plain. by trying a new angle on the same plant it turned into a whole new(and much more exciting) photo:

  • photograph something that you use every day. such as steps. :) photograph the object you found using different angles and perspectives. 

  • invite your friends(or siblings) to photograph stuff inside your house. not only will this be fun, i'm sure they will help you add a new perspective on what you are photographing.

  • zoom in and capture then zoom out and capture. and if you don't like the background and/or light your object is on, move it!

have fun trying out different angles, settings, focus, and your creativity to make your photos better!  

i guess you could say that i love photography, that i like designing blogs, that i've been taking piano lessons since second grade, that i'm thirteen, that i love blogging, that i like listening to music, that i'm different. while all of those would be true, what i really want you to know is that i love God. he is my Savior, my Heavenly Father, my Creator, my God. please check out my blog pupsqueak here.

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