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Hello, friend. Today is the first day of my blog party. I will be having quest posts all week but I wanted to kick off with a word from me. I wanted to tell you about the point of my blog, the focus of my blog, the reason I post, the reason I keep going. And that's cause for me, this is like journaling. Capturing thoughts like fireflies in a jar.

My motto is one girl, one story, one passion. That girl is me. That story is mine. And my passion is my Lord Jesus Christ who had the power to keep me from stumbling from being saved by His blood.I've learned a lot over the years, wondered, cried, and had so many trials but I have succeeded in learning one thing matters. Nothing matters but the fact that I am a great sinner and God is a great savior. How sweet the sound of saving grace! 

 My journey is going to be chronicled on this blog for as long as I write. Or unless fate cause me to give it up. I want to post one day when I get engaged, married, and have my first baby. I'm only 17(for now) but I believe God will help me keep this blog to help others if I can. Tell the the rough truth about my story, encourage them to share theirs, and create a place where we all feel warm, friendly, and together.

Friendships. I've lost them on this journey, gained them, and adored them. I've so many wonderful girls in my life. Including the sweet followers I have. Even if you've only commented once, I feel like your my friend. I know you know a part of my story I wanted to share with you and I feel like I've almost shown you my heart. Your all my friends if you follow. I won't reject you, I will just love you through everything. I know it's sounds crazy. And for those girls who comment a lot (you know who you are) I want to say--you've become like family. It's like we have a sweet little blogger family, a mixture of all different people who interact with each other forming friendships and writing stories.
One of the reasons I blog is to form those friendships, have that family, and just plain adore every girl and guy who follows my blog.

The name of my blog used to be My Song. I switched cause I found it boring. This blog has always been my song, the song I've been singing, the current music my soul is singing. The second name for here was A Rose In Bloom. I loved the name cause it symbolized me, a growing christian and women, a flower in bloom, growing constantly. My current, and probably always, name is Efflorescence. It means blooming. Cause that is what my journey is...me blooming...slower at times and abundantly at others.

If you would've asked me a long time ago where I would be at this moment, I would not have said in a condo in Charlotte, NC, with a cup of coffee beside me, sitting on the edge of my bed typing this post. I would not have guessed my Dad would be in the hospital, my sister, married, expecting her first child any day, and my brother married. I could not have guessed the pain that would happen, the tears, the smiles, and the friendships. I would not have guessed I would have been saved and now living with every breath I have for Christ Jesus, my Lord. I would not guess I would be in a grey room covered in movie posters and photography, and quotes.

A few months ago a blogger posted the following on my blog "It's all perfect for you, isn't it?" This shocked me beyond measure. No, it's far from perfect. The happy, perfect, life is beautiful every second of the day, aren't showing or posting every bit of themselves into their blogs. Not even half. Cause one half is rough and I know it, whether they realize it or not.

My journey has not been tea cups, and cupcakes, and smiles everyday. It's been hard, but I am His Daughter. He is mine. No one could ever stop this love. I want my blog to be one of dreams, friendship, and the truth. Hopefully, we're getting there soon.
P.S. In the past month(s) I have been designing Efflorescence myself. I recently decided to hand this over to one designer who wishes to design Efflorescence. Since I simply can't choose, the idea has formed into my head to host an open blog design challenge in which anyone who enters can create a design for my blog and I will pick a winner. I am still deciding if I want to do this or not but if you think it to be grand idea please tell me so :)


  1. This is a beautiful post and a great kick-off to your blog party. :) I think a design challenge would be a wonderful idea.


  2. I really like this post and your blog! I'm your pen pal from the "project pen pal" @ raining daisies (my sister KayleeBeth's blog). It's going yo be so fun to get to know you better! =)

  3. Nice post. You might like this post about being far from perfect. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/im-worth-it.html


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