Time Lapse

April 6th, 2011. The day I made a choice that would change me. I went to a website called blogger and clicked "Create your won blog." Now, 278 posts, 46 followers, and 10,200 pageviews later we got here. Efflorescence: The story of a rose in bloom.
Blogging for me has been something thats gone on and off for me. One second I love it, then I hate it, then I think it's alright. Now that I have blogged for over an entire year I have learned a lesson or two plus I have discovered who I am and my main goal for a blogger, which is to tell my story to whoever plans to listen to it. That's why I blog.
In honor of my blogging birthday I have successfully added a new design. Yesterday I added the template but today I will be finshing up all day long with a new sidebar design plus other changes such as new pages, a signature, and a new button.
I should really and truly stop for a moment and confess a sad truth. I forget about my blog turning one. Yep. Last friday on Good Friday my dear blog had it's first birthday. Now I can say I have blogged for over a year and kept at it. But of course I haven't. The amount og blog breaks I have taken is bad along with the many times i have sweared to shut down this blog. It's brought me hatred, friendships, pain, and mostly it's taught me to grow in many ways.
I cannot thank ya'll enough for being there for me in this journey called blogging and I have loved every single second of it. It's been overwhelming joy to blog with you for all this time.
My Blog names is Efflorescence, which means blooming. And that is what I am doing, what this blog is doing, and what you. Thanks for being a part of the garden of roses in bloom :D

Happy, day, bloggers :)

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  1. What a lovely post :) Happy birthday Efflorescence! (I just love that name :) I can't wait to see it finished :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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