Hello, there

1) My Niece, Brooklyn, arrived here this morning! I am so thankful for a healthy 7 pound bundle of joy :) I am writing this post in the car on the way to Nashville so I can see her. Defiantely a longer post there!!!!!!

I got my SLR camera....after all this time of waiting. Reserching. And waiting. I am looking for some good editing sites too. I like Picnic but I am trying not to get attached. Here are the first 2 photos I took with it:

^^^this is also the closest you will ever see of me on this blog so enjoy :)

3) I am so excited about Taylor Swfits new album coming out in fall. I heard it's a crash and burn heartbreak album and somehow that excites me?? Well IDK.

4) This is the most exciting this ever. Well not really. Friday is my last day of school...ever! I'm a senior and I am dying to finally write my last few words and be done with high school forever! I should have a dance party or something! I

5) I turn 18 on Sunday. It can't be real!!!


  1. Congratulations on your niece!
    Picnik is going away, but there is another version of it called picmonkey or if you're on Google + there is a version of picnik on there too.

  2. I'm so happy for you about your new niece! :))
    TSwift has a new album coming out?! Goodness, I must have been living under a rock...you've got me all excited now! :)

  3. Congratulations on the niece!!!

    Aw :( why can't we see your pretty face?

    hey!! both our birthdays were on a Sunday this year!! Hurray for April babies!! ;)


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