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Spring is turning to summer way too fast for my liking. I want the light spring days where there is nothing to worry about but reading and baseball games. Where life is light and silly. But here the weather is getting way too hot way too fast. Summer can't come yet. Seriously.

But I do love summer. Cook-outs, summer romances, lake dumps, photography, mission-trips, iced coffee, more sleep, no work. But I'm not ready. I need spring showers, flowers, walks, feet in the streams, writing, and freedom. Sigh...

Spring has been lovely to me though. God has simply lightened the world with joy for me. Picture perfect moments. And just enjoying these first days of freedom. I think I mentioned school ended friday for this semester and I am overjoyed not to be doing any right now, which means getting caught up in finishing blog designs, and over-all blogging. There is also a load of pen-pal letters I need to finish and loads of other things I can tackle now.

And Starbucks. Gosh. I have been obsessed with them foreveras. I am actually writing my post up here, while that awesome music is playing and a hoard of teenage boys in soccar outfits are at the table beside me. A college girl in glasses with a stack of books in the other corner. There are two guys at the counter talking to each other. The smell of coffee is strong and I drinking some of that delcious-ness. Heaven.

Lately I have been doddling, craving a trip to the beach, deciding the future of this blog involves a lot of movie reviews, finding my true fashion style(longer post on that anyone?), loving on a couple of new blogs I've found, designing blogs, working on my graduation speech, falling asleep to the sound of rain, discovering this one song and wondering why no one told me about it, falling in love with watching certain tv shows for the first time in my life, embracing my enter geek with reading books on HTML, and pulling all nighters a lot of nights. Or more like staying up to three.

And Liz turned my hair green, which deserves a post of it's own. Well Saturday night I had Liz, Sophie, Piper, and Ana over for a sleepover. The next day after church we had a little party in Liz's basement to celebrate both our 18th. So before the sleepober saturday Liz asked if she could experiement on dying my hair with highlights before the party. They were supposed to be blonde....and my hair then looked somewhat a mossy, ugly green. I went to the barber this morning before coming to starbucks where she successfully turned my hair back to choclate brown. Win.

I think I have also found my thing. Defiantely more on that later. I will keep you in suspense, right?

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  1. Lovely picture...isn't We♥It the best? Summer does seem to be rushing up...I can't believe it's already halfway through April...I thought it was the beginning of March still??? Love your description of Starbucks :) What song would that be? Ultra sorry if I had heard it and didn't tell you :( And yes I want to hear about your style :) Your poor hair :( I am not going to do dying myself until I'm going gray...to much at stake if I do it myself :P Unfortunately, I am in suspense :( Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8


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