Of Age

I am quite sure I thought I'd never live to see this day. Seriously. Since I was old enough to understand what a birthday was I knew there would be three big birthdays in your life. 5, 16, and 18. Each come with a new bit of live attached. Each come specially wrapped. Each are beautiful. Each are saddening.
They are wonderful days and mark wonderful times. Today was one of them. I turn 18 today. I become "of age."
I confess I was super excited about this day. Seriously excited. Like little kids waiting for his birthday excited. All cause I was going to be an adult. I have to confess I feel no difference. All I feel is the same me. But I feel more pressure to sort out those crazy thoughts and ideas and really sit down and discover who I am and what I want to do with my life. Take a deep breath. Move on with a couple of things and the list goes on and on.

Lately I feel like my goal for my life, which is to live passionately for Christ until my dying breath, is less of s focus. Truly figuring out life and discovering myself has in a way consumed me. I am making new goals for this new year. I want to love longer, live louder, smile wider, and just focus on Christ and His life. Learning about His life will help me discover my own. And I am 100% willing to live or even die for Christ.

Being this age makes me an adult which means if I wanted to I could move out now. But of course I'm staying home. I'm still going to live like I always have and always will. But I am overjoyed to be 18 now, finally. To take that step into being an adult. Cause I think I am ready. And Efforescence has truly helped my discover my passions, my dreams, and has lead me into friendships with amazing human beings that really rocked my world and challenges and encouraged me. Thank you.

Have a wonderful April 15th and thanks to all the birthday wishes people have sent me via email. Love you, guys :)


  1. Happiest of all birthdays, Maya. I love you dearly.
    Liz told me all about that cake...

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely post and I love what you said about focusing on Christ and living louder and smiling. That was just poetic and wonderfully put. Happy 18th and may you still find things to bring child like joy :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8

  3. happy birthday dear!! my your life be filled with the riches of His Glory!


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