~I decided to take an unexpected internet break. I didn't plan it or even realize it until I logged on todays it's been over a week since I last posted. I aologize but I needed the break.

~Over the past few weeks, the band I have been in for a long while has decided to focus more on our music and try to self-release a CD by the end of the year!!! It's something I have prayed for a very long time. We've been practicing twice a week and plan to start recording in July.

~I finished reading the Twilight Saga for a book club. I have always been very against this series and remain to today, but I found the books surprising in a few ways. A longer post on that later.

~I've decided to give my blog a new look soon. I think I have found a designer I like, so I'll be sorting all that out soon. Something summery and fresh, you know?

~It's a week until my mission trip. I am literally dying in excitement. I spent last week in complete fasting and prayer preparing for this amazing journey.

~I NEED guest posters. Please email me at emailmayamoore@gmail.com very soon if you want to guest post. I will take most anymore. PLEASE!!!!

I'll write a longer post later ;) Love you guys!!!!


  1. I emailed you :) I can't wait for the new design, even if I love the current one :) Ooh I cannot wait to hear the CD! I wish you tons and tons of good luck! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8

  2. I awarded you over at my blog!

  3. I emailed you about doing a guest post… Sounds like fun!


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