Versatile Blogger Award

Rule #2 Thank the awarder and link back to them 
Rule #3 Share 7 unusual things about yourself. Something that not many people could say about themselves. 
Rule #4 Pass this award on to, 15 other bloggers(I probably can't come up with 15 for goodness sake). Rule #5 Must notify the awarded bloggers by commenting on their blog 
Sounds Fun, right?

7 things about me you either knew or know now:
1. I've kept a journal since the age of eight and have captured some of the most crucial, amazing, heartbreaking periods of my life. I'm working on a post right now that reveals some of those pasages.
2. My favorite season might be summer, but fall is a period of change in my life every year. Can't wait for fall 2012!
3. Summer fashion has been an obsession since I can remember. The beauty of the simple, bright frabics, and the joy of sundresses.
4. My favorite time of day is sunset or sunrise. It's the time where the light arrives. Then it's the time the light departs. So dreamy.
5. I play 3 intruments and sing. Music is my life, no joke.
6. This is my current favorite novel. Read it. You won't be disapointed.
7. I have an obession with American Idol and can I just say I watched the finale last night and died. Philip...he's amazing. Congrads to my fav since show 1 ;)

Now: tag 15 people. I don't have the time nor the brains yet....if your reading this post then feel free to say I've awarded you. I love you if you love my blog.


  1. Oh my chocolate truffles...when phillip started crying, i was like awwwww thatissocute!! LOL. I had originally wanted jessica to win, but when he did i was glad he did. he's truly an artist, and he's very much himself...not trying to be some star, but just being phillip phillips, & i luv that about him :-). plus his winning song was very cool, i wanna buy it now.

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