This Moment

Last Night
Forever I will remember
The smiles haunted me
How the pain ached
I could not trust anyone
Breath I could not
As we watched the stars
I felt alone
Haunting memories would come
Laughter would die
Life would continue
But never ever
Would I
Could I
Forget last night
When I saw you for the last time
This moment
Will be there forever
To haunt me
Because I...
Love you
And now I am here alone
Your gone forever....
I'm the one to blame
My heart beat for you
Yet I let go so quick
I'll spend forever
Waiting, dreading, regretting
This Moment


  1. So sad and...and...well wonderful and feeling. I just love it Maya. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8

  2. Awww...was this written from personal experience, dear??
    ::hugs:: beautifully written!



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