Birthdays, A Guest Post by Meena

Birthdays, are always a delight. Cake, balloons, presents. But, that's not how birthdays are to me. You see, it's about the family. I love the gifts as much as I love the thought! It doesn't matter if it was only a quarter gumball from the gumball machine, it comes from the heart!

Birthdays are fun to celebrate! The parties full of friends! Now I admit, for my eleventh party, I wasn't even eleven yet! But my friends were there and that's all that matters!

I don't care if all for my birthday, I get a small piece of cloth, a needle and thread! I like sewing, it is quite fun! I only wish, it was easier to appreciate my family and friends.

I normally just care about the gift! But that's wrong! Hopefully this time, I'll get what birthdays are really for. I hope that being surrounded by people that love me, will help. Although it might be a small bit tough today, because my daddy is overseas! :( I would know about all this stuf because,

It's my birthday today. My Eleventh Birthday.

Now let me tell you a little bit about myself!

Hi, my name is Meena. I'm a 10-year-old 11 year old girl who loves singing, reading and writing. I love to sing and dream that I'm a girl named Jessi Iris (ee-ris) who lives in England as a farm girl who loves being outside in the wind, grass and flowers. I also love cooking! Although, I can't do to much! All I can really do is Mac and Cheese, French Toast, Grilled Cheese, Pancakes, Eggs, Cookies, Cake and Jello/Pudding. I love swinging in the sunset, especially in my baggy pants, gumball pajamas! Although, that is the only time I will swing because swinging makes me feel sick to my stomach! And my blogs are:
That's it for this post! Sorry it's so short!


  1. Nice post, Meena, and Happy Birthday! I have a brother who’s eleven. =)
    Sorry your dad isn’t there, where is he?


  2. would enjoy cumming in her.


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