the mission part one

Hello, faithful followers. It's me, your not-so-often blogger Maya. I've been really busy lately as you might have nodiced. My time away has been overwhelming. It's made me really think. Just tonight I took the time to return to blogger, to read over the lovely guest posts by my friends, to view the bunches of posts that clogged up while I was gone by dear friends and the list goes on. It made me miss you guys and also made me realize leaving blogger is easier than I thought it would be.

I know you guys are probably excepting me to say that I am quiting blogger. I am not and don't plan to, but this trip has changed me and really opened my eyes.

As of July 9th, when I return to reality, I'll be returning to full-time blogging. There will be some major changes to this blog, along with a brand new design very soon. This trip has made me realize who I am, what I am supposed to do with my life, and such on.

Update on my life: I am not going to be going to any kind of college any more. I have realized this is not God's plan for me right now. A week after I return I am moving to Tennessee to be a full time nanny for a family, while studying lanague.

I can't wait to share with you all my adventures from this trip, along with my new adventures coming from my nanny job this fall.

God is faithful, the future is exciting, and I am ready to be forever His daughter.

~Maya M.

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  1. I read your guest post on Raquel's blog and adored it. So I came here, and well, I love your blog! If you're becoming a full time nanny, does that mean you'll be living with them, or just going there when needed? Because that is so awesome! :D

    God bless!


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