Forgotten Fanastys (A Guest Post by Hazel Ann)

Hi, there. I'm Hazel taking over Maya's blog for the month while she's away :D


The ability to read is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. To me, snuggling with a good book is equal to heaven. I adore the crisp feel of flipping the pages, and the joy of finishing a story. It's magical. It's a place where anything can be written. Anything in the entire world.
In books you can go places like this:

We all long for another world and try to sadisty that by reading books. Yet all stories have a theme hidden in them. All stories in one way point to the great story. The story we can read. The story that tells of our true world we long for. Because this is not our world. We long for heaven.


That's the reason why my favorite books are by Randy Alcorn. His books are fanatsy novels about heaven. They open our eyes to the real world we all long for. I've read Safelty Home, Deadline, Dominion, and Deception. I'm sure his other books are great also. I have Edge of Eternity on hold at the library. I'd higly recommend them to you, but they are somewhat mature dealing with issues such as STD's, Abortion, and Racism so I'd ask your parents before reading them. But I love them. They help me long for heaven!
See ya later!
Hazel Ann

I am Hazel. 14 years old. An adevnturer. Likes happily ever afters and books. Loves the colors
teal and rose. Can't put down a Harry Potter book. Likes to laugh. Loves to cry.Loves awkward moments. Dreams of europe. Wants to be a missionary. Thankful for Christ. Ready to fly. Photographer. Poet. Likes cherry blossoms. Loves popcorn, dancing, running, and smiling always. Lives in the south. Never can watch enough musicals. Reads Lord of the Rings a million times through. Thinks her crush has eyes the color of spring grass.

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  1. Reading is Heaven in Pages ~:o)
    well depends on the book :p

  2. Great post! I love that map! Man I want to visit all of those :) I hope they have books in heaven :) Because I am so happy that God invented books...they're ah-mazing! Hey ...that author kind of sounds like one I've read he doesn't talk about heaven really but about other stuff...mostly medical. Anyway his name is Charles Martin and he is a great author if you want to check him out. Have a great day! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8


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