See you in July!

It's JUNE! Which means I leave for my mission trip! Later Today I am leaving. Yeah that means you won't be hearing from me here until early July. I'll still have internet access most of the time, still working on blog design and my personal email, etc. but I thought this was a great time just to take a break from blogging as I go on this mission trip. I am already overwhelmed with the way the Lord is leading me. I truly feel like this is His will for me and His goodness is overwhelming for me.

While I am gone, however there will still be posting on this blog! My dear friend and cousin Hazel Ann from The Radical Measure is going to be posting through mid-june! I am super excited about the wonderful guest posts she'll give you guys :) Hazel and her siblings are actuallu joining me on part of the trip so while we're both gone I'll be having some guest posters late june and early July. These are some great girls who I think you'll really love their posts!

I am going to miss you guys so much!!!! Your like a family to me, supporters of me, dear friends. But I am much need of break anyways. Since I started this blog I've througholy enjoyed every second and can't wait to return later with a shower of pictures! Yes I'm going to be sharing pictures!!! <3

 Can't wait to see you guys again! Love you ;)


  1. I hope you have an amazing time, dear!! ::hugs::

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