An update sort of post

Hello, followers. Maya, here. I know I said I would not post until I got back but I thought I would update you a bit on my trip so far and whats up!

We arrived in Germany on the 1st. We being, Jeremy, Meg, Will, and Liz. Orginally we intended to spend a few days there, but we ended up staying in Germany for a week, flying out a few days ago. We're safetly in Poland now and have been having the greatest time camaping, going down town, playing worship music, and inviting people to church. We also have a bunch of polish gospel tracks we've been handing out to people. It's been great.

I've been able to encounter the Lord more than ever. I've been digging into His word, s haring it, and talking about it with my fellow missionaries. It's been great. He's been faithful.

We'll be going into the mountains the 15th so until then I can anwser emails and blog here. After that there will tons of guest posts I'm sure you'll love.

Isn't it simply beautiful???


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