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Hey you all! This is me, Aidyl, from Aidyl Ewoh. I am so excited about guest posting! Thanks, Maya!

I’m a writer and I’ve got the coolest thing ever, it’s called an imagination. I mean seriously, I use mine all the time. {Yeah, I look up at my blog name, and I’m like “Wow! A brilliant amount of imagination went into that.”} Anyway, I think when I was born, I not only got the newest edition of imaginations, but I also got a free pass for every update that will ever be created. And that’s pretty cool, ‘cause imaginations are fun. 

Take for instance dreary, every day tasks like doing the dishes, laundry, sweeping, etc... Did you realize that those are prime times for the imagination to kick in on overdrive and suddenly instead of doing dishes at a regular old sink in a normal house you... 
They were closing in on every side, I could hear them clambering just outside the walls of the castle, the battle cries chilling me to the depths of my being. 
Swallowing the knot of fear that had slowly built in my throat until I could hardly breath, I swiftly grabbed all the evidence and tumbled it into a kettle brimming with water. Scrubbing as hard as I could, I worked swiftly, erasing the messages that had been passed back and forth on the stone tablets...

No! Don’t let her on the mower!
Or how about the time when I was sixteen and my brother decided I was old enough to learn how to mow the grass. We have a zero-turn so instead of having a steering wheel, it has two levers that move back and forth. David (my brother), showed me what to do, then stepping back he let me start to mow. Everything was going well, until the side of our bird-feeder’s caught the reflection of the setting sun, and flashed a beam of light over me. It was then I realized... 
I can’t believe it! I worked to keep the tears of joy from running down my face. I had done it! I was the first pilot to ever fly solo across the Atlantic ocean, and now I was about ready to land in Paris! I leaned over and scanned the multitude of people crowding the streets below, just waiting to see me land. I smiled at the dozens upon dozens of cameras lifted to capture my face forever in the pages of history when- 
Suddenly I saw David, step out in front of me, with his hand out for me to stop. I had plenty of time to react, but I was so engrossed in smiling for the cameras, that instead of pulling back on the levers to stop them, like I should have, I pushed them forward... And David had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. (Sorry, bro!)
So yeah... Petty much, imaginations can be amazing assets... Or they can be rather dangerous. Have fun using yours, and please be safe. {That was meant to sound like I was selling them. I’m not bossy.}
{Pics taken by my friend, Kay Davis}
{Side Note: Yeah, I know this probably wasn’t the kind of post you were expecting... But I’m an author. *I’ve learned that pretty much says it all.*  You can visit my blog Here.}

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