I dropped off the face of the earth and I'm coming back



It happened. I knew it would it at some point, somehow. But I never expected it would so soon. I never dreamed that I would actually do it. I pretty much dropped off the face of the earth for a little while. And it was worth it. Taking a huge break from the social world with 30 minutes max on the internet each day made life so much more real. I found some amazing adventures. I could take the time to go on about all the places I've been and what I was I doing but I have decided to start a little fresh. From now on, I will not hold back from telling you just what I've been up to you. But blogging is seriously hard. Because you don't always want to tell people what's going on. But the break has been nice and I think I'm ready to talk again.

So I hope your ready to listen to this rose in bloom.  Because as usually, I have a lot to ramble. But rambling is beautiful.

I'd like to thank the people reading this post. Those who have followed me through me dropping away are truly wonderful followers. I have been feeling discouraged on how to start really blogging again with barely no one reading my blog anymore. For the few left, I really like you guys. Big time. You bring me joy. If you are reading this post do you mind leaving a little comment so I know just how many of you are out there? Thanks!

God's been faithful to me during the past months. He's led me to places and people I never expected to ever be in my life. But I am so glad they are now. God's given me an amazing family, some amazing friends, the best job in the world, and has always never forgotten to fill my soul with beautiful joy.

I can't wait to start blogging regular once more :)

Smiles, Maya


  1. This is amazing Maya, I don't know how to put it into words. I'm so glad your back as well :)

    And of course I read your posts, who wouldn't :)

    lots of love,

  2. I LOVE reading your posts. I'm here for you and I always will. I'm so thrilled for the way the Lord is working in your life and I am praying for you and your boyfriend. I know that's been a an answer to prayer. I remember when I first met you and you were praying for the Lord to bring you your love. I am so happy for you! God bless you my dear friend.
    I love you,
    Ari <3

  3. Oh yeah, and it can be really hard to blog when not very many people are reading it. I really like your posts, by the way. =)

  4. Oh yeah, and it can be really hard to blog when not very many people are reading it. I really like your posts, by the way. =)

  5. Great post! I am like this to sometimes.. <3

  6. I need to do 30 mins on the Internet too. It's hard when you have so many wonderful things to look at like facebOok instagram twitter and especially pintrest!


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