the normal week of a nanny


my last week at a glance:

Monday: Played with the kiddos, washed the dishes, and cooked dinner. When the kids were asleep I wrote a bit, and simply took some time to sleep.

Tuesday: Brought the kids to the park, where it was too hot to breathe .My boy stopped by to meet the kids and give me wild flowers. It was a lovely day. We later made homemade ice cream and for dinner I made soup. Win of a day.

Wendsay: We went to the pool and splashed a whole lot. After lunch I put the kdis down for naps and cleaned the house and once again cooked dinner.

Thursday: Spent this day at home and made a few crafts, bust mostly watched movies. During most of this, I did Laundry.

Friday: We went to the neighborhood pool again, and I taught Olivia to swim. That afternoon, during naptime, I did the week's dishes. The family went out for dinner that night so I spent the evening with my boy, having a picnic, then going for starbucks. It was a beautiful way to spend that day.

Saturday: I had the day off so I went to see my bossom friend, Sophie. We went shopping and bought barely anything. Afterwards we took pictures and hung out at the lake. For dinner I met my cousins and we had a lot of fun.

Sunday: I got to go to the best Church in the world, and spent the afternoon at the park, reading. That night I met Liz for ice cream, then we went back to my basement home and watched a movie.

Today is monday once more and we went to the pool, then I worked on some laundry. The kids are napping now. I already love them. I want to pour so much love into them, because they don't have  a mom to do that. In a way, I am their mother now. God is so faithful to give me love and patience for these sweethearts. Fall's going to be so hard when they leave me for half the day for school.

Hope you enjoyed this re-cap of my week.


P.S. The giveaway is closed and I have emailed the winner.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your wonderful week. :) You sound like you have such a neat schedule!!


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