I miss it here

I'm not on pinterest, twitter, facebook, or anything anymore. I still have accounts I just don't have the time to update them. Actually blogging is becoming something I do less and less.

Taking care of three kiddos and cleaning the house takes up most of the time. The thing I seem to least want to do is type here.

Also I am pursuing a courtship right now. It's not offically offical but it's about time and guy and I have decided to share our feelings with each other and pray about pursuing a relationship. He's an amazing guy in love with the Lord, with an amzing family who also loves Jesus. We've decided, if we do decided to start a relationship, the old courtship way is best. Purity, parent's advice, and it only coming if we are sure we want this to lead to marriage is involved. I am so thrilled and God is so faithful. We'll see...

I'm not giving up blogging yet. I think eventually when I get used it all I'll be on here more. But sometimes life is easier to live then share. I love writing and blogging is a great way to do it...but writing personal letters and jounalling are some of the only writing I seem to have time for.

I'm still alive and I should blog more but I apologize for not being there everyday to share.

Right now I'm going to bed and about to call my boy. Exciting times in the wind, here.


  1. Congrats on your courtship! :D Hope everything goes well, and that the both of you will draw closer to the Lord.

    Exciting times indeed! ;)

  2. Email me. Now. WE need to talk ;)

  3. Congrats on your courtship Maya!! I'm so happy for you, I hope God leads you both in the right direction for your relationship.



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