a little list for summer | a guestpost by Marcia

1. sleep under the stars - this is crucial for summer okay? honestly. or if you live in a place that is not-so-awesome for sleeping outdoors, stargaze with a friend: it's the next best thing.

2. pick wildflowers and put in a mason jar for a cute bouquet to add to your lunch table - can you say cute?

3. try free-lensing - freelensing is so much fun, it is something totally different from just shooting photos.. [and yes, I will admit the photo below is the best attempt I had at freelensing] note to self: try that again. 

4. eat lots and lots of fresh fruit and veggies - fresh fruit and veggies are made for summer. 

5. take evening walks - evening walks are some of my favorite ways to get inspired

6. be still - [Psalm 46:10] slow down and take time just to listen

7. make something off of pintrest - you know, that board you have {diy, crafting, things I want to try} make something off of it! And hey, you could even take your craft outside, so you still get some sunshine!

8.  paint your nails -  I love trying new things with nail polish. add glitter, stripes, tips and polka dots. [hint: pintrest :)]

what is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

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  1. What a great list, Marcia! :) Sleeping under the stars is a must during the summer time. There's nothing like it.... I think my favorite thing to do in the summer is eating summer food. ;D


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