the mission (part two)


I'm home, I'm home, I'm home.

For now at least.

I'm finally with my family. I've been on a mission trip to europle that went nothing as I planned but it was perfect and the Lord was faithful. He's taught me so much and challenged me greatly. In a way he woke me up to the levels of His greatness and opened my eyes to so many things.

I'm moving next week so please pray for me. I'm tired and just want to be with my family for this last week at home with them.

I hope all of you enjoyed the guest posts...I loved them myself!!

With all the Lords taught me and so much change in my life I've decided to change this blog around a little bit. I've deleted some posts and I'm going to have a new design.I'll be posting more regular and so on.

Thanks for those who have stayed with me through so much. You guys rock.

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