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The three kiddo's officially are sent off to school, leaving me a lonely nanny until I see their faces at three. Meanwhile, I've been learning to be a housekeeper. For the first time in my life, I am completely responsible for all the chores, cleaning, and cooking. Honestly, I've never called my mom as much wanting tips. I never realized how much a mother does. I've learned how important loving is, how much time little things like mending takes,  and how the little things make all the difference.

When I think about the kind of Mother I want to be one day and the kind of nanny I am becoming now one word comes to mind :Passionate. I want to be passionate about my kids, my family, my work. I don't want to care about if I did not sleep much or did not have any time by myself. I am to always be there, always caring, always wanting to care and resolve the argument. So I made a little promise to myself for these kids now and my own in years to come:

I want to be Passionate:
in loving them,
In caring for them,
In cooking for them,
In always scarring away the monsters,
In never breaking a promise,
In all the pillow forts we can build,
In teaching them,
In being patient with them,
In letting them dream,
In letting them cry when they need to cry,
In listening to them,
In correcting them and giving them discipline,
In being an example for them,
In directing them in life,
In being their best friend,
In exploring their talents and personality,
In always telling the truth to them,
In letting them grow up and fly away,
In kissing and hugging them,
In constantly pointing them to Christ,
In never giving up.

That's my goal as a nanny, a mother, and even a grandmother.

Oh, I just love those kiddos.

Smiles, Maya 

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  1. as a past nanny, this post was super amazing to me. <3


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