I wanted to use my music for the world.


My whole life all I wanted was to sing. I wanted to use my music for the world to change. Really, I had this image of me being the best singer in the world. It's not that I don't still love music but I realize now all my dreams have changed. I don't want to be famous, but I still love music. Now that I live with the family I nanny for a barely ever pick up my guitar and sing. It's not the same it was back home but it's nevertheless I still have that desire to play.

 Last night me and my two best friends went downtown and I got to play a little. I have not done that in years and I forgot how fun it was to jam. I love music more than anything. And it was amazing. Actually is was awesome how much fun I had with just my guitar. So today I pulled it out and played for the kiddo's when they came home from school. They loved it and begged for more. Of course I agreed.

Music is offically back in my life and oh how I missed it! I think I'm gonna go play some now...

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  1. that's so neat, Maya. =) I love music too, but I'm a piano girl, not a guitar girl.


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