Music Lately

Thought I'd sample I bit of what I've been loving on lately. I was surprised most of this month's favorites were more a pop than my usual country.
Smiles, Maya


  1. I love the songs you have been listening to...some of my favorites on your list are B-e-a-utiful by Megan Nicole, Home by Micheal Buble, Still that Girl by Britt Nicole and Ours by Taylor Swift :) Great songs!! Thanks for posting them!!

  2. okay, so actually right now I am listening to my happy playlist and guess what song is on? Ours! I adore that song. and "We are never ever ever getting back together" is awesome too. despite it's looooong title!

  3. I love love LOVE the Phil Phillips song. Been listening to it a ton

  4. I seriously need to start doing a 'music lately' post...
    maybe once every week??


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