To Live Beautiful


Last night was one of the those nights where life was beautiful. The stars sprinkled the sky above me and the world seemed so perfect. I was surrounded by the people I love most and want to continue to love most. When I finally went to sleep, I didn't want to sleep because this fantasy I am living in is too good to sleep. Because no dream could be better than these sort of nights by the lake of laughing, friendship, good talking, and this beautiful life.

I wish life was this amazing all the time. I can wish it was. But it never is.

When things aren't beautiful there's always the desire to not be happy. Yet I want to learn to live beautiful no matter what life may throw at me.

In James 1 it reads, " Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds,"

In trials, as a christian, I wish to learn to love deeper, to believe stronger, to have more joy, and to love more beautiful. Not just when life is beautiful, but when life is a mess. Because there is nothing as wonderful as a beautiful mess.

Because as a Christian, we will suffer. The bible is clear that we will. It's a battle, a fight we must not lose. But we must know this world is not our home and it will try to get us. It won't always be pretty. But we instead live for the world, which is our home. Life beautiful for the place we long for.

There will be things you want to give into. We all will want to give up sometimes. But nothing on the earth can satisfy the pain. Only Jesus. And one day we will be with Him forever, living with Him and all His glory.

But in all we do now, let us persevere. Let us hold tight onto the promise He has promised us.

Let us in rainstorms and happiness, dwell in reality whatever the circumstances.

Let us not look to tomorrow, but treaure this today.

Let us live beautiful.


  1. so beautiful and inspiring, Maya. thank you.

  2. So inspiring Maya<3 Love this post so much!

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