And I'll Remember Forever...


Something I've learned recently is every memory is linked with a feeling. That's how we revisit those feelings, that's how we remember. For with each second that passes, we treasure up bits of that moment. And when we feel those some feelings once more, we remember. That's we hate remembering someone we lost, because that pang of love is too great for us to bear because it can't be fulfilled. The same way a memory can be pain, it can be sweet.

Because in this life, we yearn desperately for the past. We yearn for happiness and we yearn for truth. I think that's because we can be so overwhelmed by today all we want is a place where we knew we were once happy.

Today I was browsing through some old pictures and found myself weeping. I saw a picture of the home I missed, of the couple I hadn't seen in years, of the setting sun in New York, of the waves against the shore, of the friend that was gone, and of the girl I used to be. I wanted those times back. I was truly happy then.

All I want is to go back and look at that shore one last time, and take in that memory. I'd want to live in that forever if I could. But life goes on. It never stops. Every moment will one day be a memory. So all I have is to treasure it all up.

Because I can't go back.


So instead of living for a life that is gone beyond my fingers, I must learn to live for this moment. But it's so hard when this moment is always changing each day. It's impossible to live entirely today. AS I treasure those memories, I can learn lessons for today.

I will learn to live for today, but I'll always remember forever.

Smiles, Maya

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  1. Oh my goodness *wipes eyes* this was a lovely, touching post. I absolutely loved it! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!


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