Fight, Don't Wait

It was the message we all heard.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Prince Charming is coming.

So, wait.

As a freshman in highschool I remember being told, "The reason God doesn't give someone is because we are just not ready. When we are ready, He'll give out future husband to us."
I was told, again and again that there is a guy out there perfect for me.

This is all one big lie.

Don't take me wrong, just listen.

We all have heard this lie, whether in Youth Group or from our Moms. And half the time it leads to girls in their twenties broken and hurt because Mr. Perfect hasn't come along and swept them off their feet. They've prayed and waited their whole life for this man. And he isn't here. And they wait. And wait. Annnnddddd wait.

So many times I've heard:

"I'm not giving everything to God."
"I don't love my own family enough."
"I am sadisfied in God enough."
"I should love the Lord more."
"When I'm ready, he'll come."

It's lies. Lies of performance. Our performance of how much we serve and love Christ is not going to give us a spouse.

Waiting for a husband can wreck our view of Christ easily.

Christ isn't giving husbands to all the mature girls and holding for the ones who are not ready.

If I could go throw away all the blog posts, facebook posts, and books telling girls "When your ready, your Prince will come." I would.

I'd replace it all with two giant words, Love Jesus.

The Bible never promises us that a perfect man is on it's way. It just calls us to love our God.

Sure, a lot of girls have a spouse waiting for them. I am blessed with an amazing guy I am courting who I hope to wed one day.

But right now all we're called to is to Love our Christ. Sure, we'll want a husband, we'll lust, you'll want sex. But He is not the focus right now in our years of singleness. Christ is. Instead of waiting around for someone who might not exisit, simply fight against the lies of this world.

Your heart might be broken, you might fall. The enemy will tempt you. But FIGHT. And if God gives you a husband to help you in this fight, then that is a huge blessing. But instead of expecting, wonderings, and crying over waiting. Just Love Jesus wherever that may lead you. And Fight.

 It's a wait, too. I myself wear a purity ring. This life is just a battlefield and we're bound with lies that we have to be a certain person for a spouse to come along. We don't. We should just look to the cross, living a cross-centered life.

Smiles, Maya


  1. This is sooooooooooooooo true. Thanks so much! I really have been feeling this for a while and nailed it. Love you soo much!

  2. This is so true!! Thanks for posting this!


  3. My word-- what a perfect post! This exactly sums up my thoughts on all this. Many Christians say it's not important to have a boyfriend, then turn around and elevate your future husband to god status. I hope to be married one day, and I wear a purity ring-- but more than anything, I want to love God during this season. =)

  4. LOVED this. You're very good at getting your point across. <3

  5. There's a lot of truth in this! Like you said, there's no promise that 'if you're Godly enough you'll get a husband' in the Bible...I guess it's just a silly man-made idea.

    Wow, really made me think. There's *so* much of that kind of talk out there.

  6. Oh my word Maya, this was just what I needed to hear today. It's so true, we shouldn't sit around waiting for the guy to come, we should spend that time loving God, and finding our satisfaction in Christ alone. We need to fight against the lies this world throws at us, and fight with the strength of Christ.
    Seriously Maya, you have an amazing talent, to write posts that certain girls need to hear, at just the right time ♥


  7. I love this, I love this, I love this. I've been working on a post for several months now for my blog on the whole romance thing--I feel like the whole "waiting patiently" thing does get so messed up. thank you for this!

  8. Thank you. Thank you for this. A great reminder. Put some of my scrambled thoughts into words. Just what I needed to hear at this time in my life.

    <3 Tilly


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