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// Getting married in 35 days! I can't wait to be a wife. The buzz around the idea is just unreal. It's strange to pass by the invite on the fridge everyday and see our names or realize I have an actual wedding shower on Sunday. I keep telling myself, yes this is real! Oh, how I love my boy.
"Can one die of happiness?"

// Making a formspring. You should go ask me, something ;) Anything!

// Josh Garrels music. Need I say more?

// The hours and hours we've spent dreaming of talking of forming our home together are now ahead of us. To be honest, I have no idea what's in store for next year but I do know God's always been faithful and I have confidence He will be again.

// Mornings with chai tea and reading through Ephesians.

// Meeting new people. Now that I'm engaged, I get to meet all the people in Will's life. His extended family, his friends I haven't met before, and I even met his babysitter and piano teacher at Church last week. I've been told getting married is like getting a whole new giant family, and it is. Oh, I love people!

// Fangirling with Rachael and Sophie. I know I'm an adult, but still I'm a child when it comes to movies. And I have the best sister and friends in the world to freak out with me :)

// American Idol this year. That's been my favorite show my entire life because of my music love. There's a bucket load of REALLY talented folk this season and it's been awesome to watch. I know there's a bunch of hate going out to the judges, and I do miss the old ones, but I love them. Angela Miller is one of my favorite contestants ever, also. It's one heck of a season.

// I'm a tad bit behind on blogging, I know. I didn't publish this week's Thursday interview (whoops) and I know you all are ready for the 3rd installment of Our Adventure. But I'm hoping to wrap up both of the series before the wedding, so expect more soon. I'll try to get better and do 'real' posting more someday when life isn't so wild! Love you all!

Smiles, Maya

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