and we are so far from home, but we're so happy

I've been thinking for a few days how I'd say this. But I'm just going to go out and be clear: this is my last post here on this blog.

I know I haven't barely posted in the past few months. Some of that is because I've been busy and some is because this blog just isn't me anymore. I look back and see the blog of a senior in high school, beach girl with a heart full of dreams and rambling about my future. Now I'm a wife living in the west, watching my music dreams take shape locally, working part-time, and dreaming more of more of little ones soon. It's hard for me to blog here, because this blog is just a shadow of who I was.

This blog has held my graduation, my healing from death and my past, my falling in love, my mission trip, my engagement, and my marriage. I've written here in the perks of happiness and in the depths of depression. It's been a piece of life I never want to forget.

I love you readers of mine. Some of you girls have been dear friends. Sometimes one of you would just email me in hard times saying you were praying for me. That meant a lot. My time in the blogger world was a whole lot of fun and something I never want to forget. Thanks for the memories.

But it's time to move on.

Maybe I'll post here in a few months (or years) saying I have a new blog. Maybe I'll pop in with pictures of children one day.

Yet for now, I'm closing the book.

I've changed. Change is good and I'm the happiest I've ever been. I started here as A Rose in Bloom and I leave you as bloomed...I've found myself.

Bye, my faithful followers.



  1. goodbye maya. may the Lord bless you in your life forever. i love your blog. one of the reasons i was drawn to your blog, is because i am a beach girl at heart. and i loved that you said you were an island girl. God bless you maya.

  2. Goodbye for now. I'm finding it hard not being able to read more blog posts about your life. But it is true--you have bloomed and now you are a wonderful flower ready to live the life ahead of you. May God bless you and guide you, Maya.


  3. I can understand why you want to move on from this blog now and I hope God blesses you richly. The thing I'm most disappointed about is that we'll never get to hear the rest of the Our Adventure series...you stopped at Part Three :(

    ~ Estelle


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