these happy golden days

I haven't been here lately, have I? Oh well. I'm a few sentences away from completeing the next leg in my love story, plus finishing a certain re-cap of a certain day last month. Those will come in sweet time, but for now this is "I am still alive, but just really don't have time for thinking up deep and good posts" kind of post. I've never been the best blogger on keeping up, but at least this is a reminder I am still alive and remember this place.
Life's been good, but also busy. I can't gurantee it'll ever slow down enough for me to post a lot, but at least I'll pop in every once in a while.
My good and busy life has consisted of working full time and being married to my husband! I am so freakin' happy. These are truly the happen golden days. So many times with my Husband being his and my friends before the move. God's been teaching my so much. My heart is so full. We've been treasuring our last days on the east coast by spending most every night at the beach or in the water. I'm such a beach girl and honestly have never been a fan of the west in any way, but maybe I'll fall in love with mountains. This move has been harder than previous moves, because it's so far away. My heart's torn, but it's God's plan right now and I know He has good things in store.
Until the day when I post again, please visit my newly created ask.fm. I'll anwser any questions on my life or if you guys want to know more about the wedding, honeymoon, or our love story. I'll eventually try to blog some of these, but for now feel free to ask up. Feel free to ask any other questions, too! I'd love to anwser. The address is: http://ask.fm/Efflorescencebymaya

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