Finding Joy

friday favorite things | finding joy

I find Joy in sunsets on the beach where I live

I find Joy in being seventeen. Simply because I want to be nothing else.

I find Joy in the fact me Mom has postposed me starting school til september. One: because I'm a senior and have already done most of my highschool credits and Two: because of the weather!!!

I find Joy In flowers and bees. And Pollen. And Vines.

I find joy in cupcakes(that is my favorite sentance ever).

I find joy in my five year old brother playing

I find Joy in sundresses and barefeet.

I find Joy in this song.

and singing it over and over to annoy my brother

I find Joy in jumping For JOY!!

I find Joy in love stories in Movies Like Tangled and the Lion King

I find Joy in reading blogs like this

I find Joy in reading about my savior

I find Joy in sisters of chirst.

I find Joy in blogging.

I find Joy in sharing the gospel.

What do you find joy in???


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