True Love Stories

would you mind going over to Melanies and reading her post about true love?It's lovely.

“True love stories never have endings.”-Richard Bach

A few years ago my sister came home from college and annonced that she had offically decided to court and not to date. Courtship. It was something I had never heard of. When I think of courtship I think of old couples from the 1800's riding in carriages or animals. Not of couples nowadays. Not of my sister especially. But the more I pondered this descion, I wondered where I stood. I wondered if I should choose to court. My sister soon started courting a great guy named David. The More I observed this the more I realized how far our culture is from true love. We run from it. We find true Love is flirting and ungodly relationships. that's not love.
He is Love.
We have run so far away from love. We have been decived. We have been cheated. I believe courtship is something that we can treasure because people don't go too far too fast. People look to the gospel in their relationships. That is almost unheard of nowadays.
So I choose to court one day. One day when my future husband comes into my life. He might not come on a white horse and probably won't be a prince, but he will be to me.
Love is is a misused term. We say we love things. We don't mean. What do we really love?
I love my savior. I love my future husband.
I love other things, but the things above are the things I truly Love.
Life is a journey looking for love. Find it in Him. Not in wordly passions. Find the Love.

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