Discovering Who I Am

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I'm a teenager. It's that stage in life where kids nowadays go through a change so great it causes many to fall apart, some to throw away their life, and some to lose some precious moments. It's growing up.
As One slowly grows from a child to an adult, major changes occur. Some for the better and some for the worse. I hope mine are for the better.

Spending time with my sister here in Nashville for the month has been a jouney. I'm re-visiting memories of my childhood and relaizing the wrong turns I've taken. But God has alwyas shown me what's right.
Yet I've always struggled with growing up. The sad thoughts of such...

Also the death of my best firend seems to be one of the final bangs of my childhood. She was the shoudler I cried on. Now growing up seems so close. When that was something I used to just dream about.

I've had trial in my life. I've known death many times. And you know what? I cried today again, for my friend, for the baby brother I once lost, for 2 sets of grandparents, for the aunt, for the mentor, for the 16 year olds who died in a car accident from my church. I cried not because I missed those people. because I think I am finally letting go of them.

I've had a rough teenage years. Moving, letting go, and other things. But you know what?

That has not kept me from anything. I want to be a young women whom brings glory to God.

If you look up Teenagers on Google, many pictures of teen dating, pregnant teens, drinking teens, and teens with an ugly amount of make-up on. Teens are expected to be rebellious.

This should change. We need to make a new names for teens.

We're called to be faithful, to take those first difficult steps--and to leave the results up to God.”
Alex Harris
Growing up is hard but we should do the best of thses difficult times.
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Well, Now that you have read those silly rambles, think about your life. I'm stopping writng so I can go pray to my God.



  1. Loved the post Maya!♥ Thanks, makes me want to go pray too!

  2. This post was really good! I feel that way so often, like I'm growing up and changing and hurting so much, but all that really counts in my life is being a girl that gives glory to God. To know Him and love Him with my whole heart. Awesome post,and I really like your blog:)


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