I've been absent from my "normal" posts on this blog for a while now. The truth? I guess I'm just mentally going through a lot. You might remember this post. If you haven't read it, please do. And there is also this.
Yep, that's the truth. I've been busy. But I realize It's crazy that my first post back will be about...guys. Yep, another post on guys. You see as much I hope to stay pure and everything for my husband, I believe God gives us the girft to experiment and learn and grow in our time when we stay just friends with boys. I am so thankful for the friendships the lord has provided me with involving boys!

Yes, I've had a few crushes. change that, I've had several. But you know what? None of these guys have turned out to be the prince charming I want him to be. And I have had my heart secretly broken. I have cried a few times and laughed with my friends later. But now I feel completely and totally free of those guys. You could say this is the first time in a while I have not liked anyone. Praise Jesus! Yet I have to amit my Christmas wish this year? The following words have never been so sweet:

oh, yes.
My first crush was in first grade. I call him the "charmer". Blonde, blue-eyed, silly, cute, christian. He left me dazed everytime we spoke. We exchanged valentines and everything sweet. I still keep in touch w/ him through facebook. He's a photographer now.

The second one came in third grade. I call him the "mystrious one." We never spoke but had fun. What was someone who I barely knew turned into someone I was constantly speaking too. It didn't last long but left a permanenet stain.

The fourth came in 8th grade. I call him the "crazy one." Let's just say we got along fine....

The fifth I met once and I was hooked. I call him the "Enchanter." The feeling was mutual and it was pretty funny... our silly relationship. What was a few spoken words turned into many. We became good friends. Our story is history from there...

Right Now I don't know where I am with all this. But I know thses boys are not longer part of me. And I'm happy.

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