April-such Happings

Listening to Not What my Hands Have Done by Aarron Keys Reading Safetly Home by Randy Alcorn
Wishing it was warmer
Discovering One Direction
Writing a serious post for monday
Excited because I was finalist in this
Realzing I stay up too late
Crushing on anyone with big blue eyes
Entering This Photo in the Beauty in Design Challenge:

Thinking: I swear my life is fleeing before my eyes. I am offically done with Highschool plus I turn 18 tomorrow. I'm logically going to be an adult. Werid. Plus that gives me college and relationship worries going to be on this over-thinking brain in the next year. Thank goodness for online courses. Plus I have about a million emails to respond to along with a few blog designs I've been messing with. Goodness. I know the next chapters in my life will be sweet but challenging. God truly has been whispering that to me in incridable ways.

Another note is I have decided on a special project for my blog and those I want involved I will email soon. That's my rambles for now :)

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  1. I got your email and I'll try to reply etc. :) Happy almost birthday girly!!!!!!!!!! I voted for you! Your picture was great, I'm glad you got to be a finalist! Yes! I LOVE One Direction and you MUST too :P Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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