Spring Blog Party @ Love Poured Out

1. Introduce yourself a little bit for those dropping by from the link up...
My name is Maya, I am a girl who lives her life to glorfify God almighty. I am a island girl and a blooming flower, or more like a blooming woman of God.Efforescence is my spot of rambles and my story. Please follow if your new here :)

2. Maybe share a picture of yourself? (optional)
Umm...for privacy reasons I choose not to post many pictures of myself on the internet but here is one that shows some of me ;)

3. What are your favorite colors to wear during the spring?
Light greens, peach, white, light blue, and soft orange.
4. Favorite accessories to wear?
Head-bands or scarves.

5. Hats? What's your opinions of them? What style do you like best? Are baseball caps unfeminine?
I do love hats and I think they are great on days when your hair is not freshly washed. I visit the beach a lot and it's nice for my head not be sunburnt under a hat. I love knitted caps and I have a love for gangster hats...Baseballs caps aren't a personal favorite of mine on myself but I think they are fine and ok for girls to wear

6. Where you live, what are the first signs that Spring is coming?
Heat. Longer days. Birds wake me up.

7. What is a normal Spring activity in your house?
Gardening, cooking, and day trips to the beach.
8. What are you looking forward to this upcoming Springdays /Summer?
I am quite sure I am going to be able to go on a 6 week long mission trip this summer, which is just a crazy blessing. It's also to a country where I hope to pursue full time mission work in the summer.
9. Are you planning on taking any trips?
^^read my last anwser! Plus I am going on a short trip this may to celebreate graduation.

10. Will you be involved in some sort of volunteer work this year?
I am going to be a full-time nanny for a family this fall. I will watch them from morning to afternoon, when their Mom comes home from work. I am studying college online and will do my studies in the last afternoon.
11. Do you plan on doing something different this year than in 2011?
Doing many harder things, fighting more sin, and loving more.

12. If you were driving a convertible on a breezy, warm day what music would be playing on your radio?
Hmmm...something happy. Owl City maybe? I might steal Grace's anwser and say defianly Passion's White Flag. Love it to death :)
13. Is there any book or movies you want to read/see this spring/summer?
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is coming out this summer and I am pumped I have to amit. I heard October Baby was good but I have not talked to someone I know personally about it or not. Bookwise I am pretty lost. I need some book ideas
14. Complete this sentence...please. "A Spring day is perfect with--"
A glass of cold water, music, and loved ones.

15. Have you turned on your AC yet?
Actually no.
16. What smell brings past spring memories to you?
A lot of the time lotions do cause I remember a day I wore that certain sent.
17. During the warmer months of the year, do you tend to hole yourself up inside, or get out and enjoy the weather?
Enjoy the weather! I am out there as soon as I can, yes!
18. Please, take a look around our Etsy shops. Is there anyway we can improve to make our 
shops stand out and make a better appeal?
They are lovely, but I think it would be a good idea to add some more idems so there is a wdier selection and people see that you are talented in many ways.
19. In marketing- do you think it is important for a blog and Etsy to, somewhat, match?
I'm not good to ask this, I don't know too much on Etsy but I think it would be a nice link togther and people would know it's the same person.

21. Like blog buttons, would you share a button linked to an Etsy shop that you like?
Yes...probably. If I loved the shop :)
This was fun :)
Thanks, Grace and Ashley


  1. Thank you ever so much for joining us!

    Make sure you join the giveaway as well!

    -The Ashley Part of the Pair,

  2. Thanks for linking up, Maya!

    A missions trip sounds fun! I would love to go one day. :)

    October Baby is really, really good! I highly recommend it!

    Again, thanks for joining the party! :)


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