A letter

Dear Green Eyes,
It's been a while since I wrote last. A long while. I guess I just really don't how I feel about you. I never really know how I feel about anything or for that matter anyone. Especially you. Cause I've crushed on you badly for a really long time and I mean things have changed since we used to sit together at lunch in 8th grade but one thing has not changed. I like you a whole lot. And obviously we're too young to date but I still think you are the most beautiful eyed person in the entire world. And theres the dance in May. I'm not a prom person but I am going so maybe you might ask me to dance. I'm a bit of a hopleless romantic...it's not good.

I know it does not do my heart good to think about you so much but how can I not. Your eyes are the perfect magical eyes, your lips look delcious, your hair is the blondest thing I have ever seen, and your hands are strong and perhaps fir perfectly entertwined with mine. I just get warm whenever your around, I die when you smile, I feel guilty, I cry a lot about it. But I guess that is how it goes. EEK! Why can't I write about love? I mean I can't describe it...it's just there!

So whether or not we end up together I thought I would take time to say that your the bestest of thw whole youth group and always have been. Always.

Love, Maya, the girl who has a crush on ya.

P.S. New blog design+finished!!!!!!

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