awakening the inner dreamer

Letters. Old journals. Memories. Nightmares. Dreams washed away by the ocean. Ships that never came in. Ships I am waiting for still. Inside this mind of mine lies the inner, disturbing, thoughts of a girl changed greatly by the times, by the changing tides, by the people shes met, and the people she is waiting for still. dreams that once tranformed me now cause my whole world to collapse. For this mind is a world of many dreams that will never happen, dreams that will, and hope that will never die.
I am finally feeling the urge that perhaps freedom, pure freedom, can be accomplised in the heart and in spirtual affairs, and not of the soul and physcial needs. If only all men and women saw that God is the only way to true delight in life, true freedom, and dreams come true. For this path I am taking is rough yet I know of it's glorious ending and that it shall end happity ever in my saviors arms. Christ, His death, His calling to me in my total depravity is my freedom.
This freedom is all I ever need, yet still I dream. I wonder. I ask. I stand in shame. I humbly confess. I dream. I think most of my teenager years I have been told that dreaming is indeed a bad thing. Something not-so-lovely. A wasteland of places I can never go. lately I have realized that dreaming...day dreaming espeically...is where I get my grand ideas. I never want to stop that as long as these black-converesed shoes waltz the world. I have been learning to awaken the inner dreamer inside myself, to truly embrace this fanstsy world that I can think of how these thoughts can indeed become realitys.

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  1. Lovely Maya...especially that bit about black converse waltzing around the world :) Dreams surge and break like the ocean...but they never really leave you. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8


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