Capture the Moment

It's listening to music to make landry fun. Driving my sister to her ballet rehersal in the pouring rain. Working on a header for a blog design. Playing the piano so hard when I am home alone. Listening to music in bed. Letting a five year old do my hair. It's memories. Capture the second. Cause in a moment it's all gone forever. You can't go back. The only moment you can truly feel is the second it's happening.

Years will pass. But there is no way to truly re-tell a memory completely. Yet we must try. For when we die, so does our memories. Gone forever. No one will ever know unless we try. Unless we tell. There are some moments too precious to forget.


Some things I want to remember:
The smell after it rains//the first sip of a cold drink//laying in the warm sun//the feeling after a good book//the smile of a child//New York City at night//going camping//sending messages in bottles out to the sea//the feel when a airplane takes off//Rachel's stories late at night//watching fireworks with my crush//rollerskating// learning how to skateboard//laughing so hard at nothing//rainbow birthday cake//watching the sunset with the ones I love//having a niece//listening to Coldplay//sweet devotions//blogging//sleeping with the windows open

and so much more. I love to capture the moment. In honor I am going to have a weekly link-up starting next week to help you capture each moment also ;)

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