little springish wonders

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Spring has been the most confuzzling of all seasons, taking it's twists and turns. One second I am sure that the hot weather has finally arrived and thats when it gets cold again. I am furious at this pattern and desiring the summer heat more than anything. With summer comes freedom from the cold "school" weather and the frostiness that suffocates me. I have a bit of spring fever and I'm not sure what else to say.

I woke up early this morning to frisk outside to enjoy the weather but ended up reading in bed. Ohmisgosh it was cold. I needed some warmth. Confession? My past few weeks have been some of the finest of my young life. Mu current rambles and travels have delighted this girlies life.

Currently I am also devouring novels, drinking caffinated tea late at night, refusing to dry my hair out of the shower, wearing mascara for the first time since september, deciding that painting nails will never delight me, writing letters, perfecting a piece of my piano, stalking pinterest, busying myself with jobs, and thrifting in sketcy thrift stores.

I am also missing places I have never been, loving on the new blog design, editing photography when it pleases me. Not getting on the computer very much, which is good and it is bad...

Plus I have been liking this season of American Idol, which is not what I expect of myself.  My model personality wants to some some rustic photoshoots in the backyard. And that long lost of blog designs to do? I am a hopeless girl.

Which of corse boils down to the gospel, my growing obsession over David Crowder, quoting up my life quotes, and devouring the word.

 Hows your little wonderings been lately?

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  1. It was cold here too!!!! :(

    LOL (LoveOurLord!),


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