being real

Lately I have felt like my blog hasn't been completely me. I have been, with all my heart, trying to be like other bloggers I love. I mean it's great to have role models but I want my blog to be me again. Everytime I post I have to ask myself "was that the real me?"
I rarely follow a new blog but if I do that's because I love it. I don't follow every photography-loving, vintage, simple girls blog. Cause a lot of them are the same. I want each blog to simply refelect on who we truly are. The real us. I feel like I kinda got sucked into liking things and becoming someone I wasn't just to get one more follower to copy those blogs with more followers.

I want to paint a picture with my blog that people can't get anywhere else except right here. Maya's painting. I want it to be an imperfect, one of a kind painting that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.
From now on I am going to be more real on this blog. You'll see a lot more me on here. More of what I truly love. For example I don't like giveaways at all. I did a few just cause that was what was "in" at the moment. The same thing with photography challenges. I love entering them but hosting them myslef is not really my thing and I felt...pressure to become some I wasn't because all my friends were. I started to paint the same photo a few of my friends were painting. And it's time I got out of the lines for a second and discovered the real me.
The real me is rustic-loving//mission passionate//a lover of all things musical//an island girl.

My true thing is music and it has always been on this blog as long as I can remember but I have gotten away from that for a little bit and I am sorry. I mean music is me. Same thing with the beachy side of me. It needs to return.

Don't take me wrong...this will be the same blog. The same me. And I haven't really gone too far from who I was before and never have. But I am going to stop following the current colors to paint my picture. I want people to come to my blog because it is uniquely me. Me, Maya Moore.

I'm going with a new design that is more me plus a new about me page coming today. Exciting, huh?

Welcome to Efflorescence: The story of a rose in bloom. It's time for a new chapter.


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  1. Lovelovelove this post...i struggle with that too! I love your painting analogy. I am getting a new design too cuz mine isnt me, and i am trying to post whats on my headt not just what everyone is doing;)


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