my own two feet

lately my life has been like a list, resulting in check marks and uncheck marks. things i have mentally been trying to accomplish and things i physically actually do. it seems the things i try the hardest not to do become all the things i end up checking off. i never actually get the things done i truly want to do.

here are just some thoughts that have been surfacing my mind lately.

i overthink. i overthink everything and late into the night i just can't stop. constant thinking. i check everything off mentally for the day. i uncheck everything i need to do again. i never seem to think of the simpliest things. everything to me gets so overwhelming and complicated. thats when i have to set myself on my own two feet again. get myself right on track. come back to reality.

music. the beautiful sound of music seems to hve been being my escape lately. the porch, me, and music. i've been finding some thrifty things such as One Direction. i tried really hard not to get into that one because i never felt like those boys were half as good looking as one saids and i felt like their music might dispoint me too. but i had an epic moment in which i listened to one song and i was lost forever. i still don't think they are cute, but hey their music makes me smile.


i've also been reading up on the book of acts lately. for some reason i just love re-reading it again and again and passionately stoking up my love for Christ and His mission and the way i wish to be involved in it in this life. it's been a nice, long study for me to be re-reading this book lately considering my future and how i wish for it to be invloved in missions. i am sure you guys are going to miss me though when i leave this summer cause posting will be really thin if i even post at all while on my trip but when i come back it will be constant and bad ;)
my friend sent me the Finnick and Annie web series a few weeks ago and i have been refusing to watch it knowing it will put permenant pictures in my head and it did. but they ended up being good pictures after i really thought about it. and being the die-hard Finnick fan I am i totally just died in excitment. and i cried through the whole thing. it kind of mentally hurt to watch this and i truly connected me to the character. now i must go alone and cry for these fake characters.

on the note of Finnick, yes he's my favorite and he beats Peeta in a second and that's my confession of the day. i can't wait to see what actor they pick and i am secretly hoping for Alex Pettyfer. but that's a secret....not.

tomorrow i am taking a two day trip to the beach again with Jeremy and Meg. it's going to be insanely awesome in so many ways. i can't wait for my feet to dash through the water again, feel my hair running through the wind, laughing, splahing and sun tanning. living the good life. it's good out there.

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  1. I hope it's Alex Pettyfer too. Or else I will sue Lionsgate.


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