Dear Boys

Dear Prince Charming,
I'm here....waiting for you. Sounds like a pretty good story, huh?
Love, the girl-who-will-become-a-princess-after-we-marry
Dear Brunette Enchanter,
I am dying to talk to you. Plus only one week until you move. So you better say hi before I go.
Love,Your fellow stalker
Dear Mr. Perfect,
I have never met you but I stalk you a lot. The internet is not a good thing....
Love, Miss Imperfect.
Dear Green eyes,
Love, the girl who loves you.
Dear Blonde student,
last sunday was the best day of my life cause you were there. no joke.
love, Maya

Dear Finnick Odair,
If you give me a sugarcube I'll give you a secret.
here it is:
your my favorite of them all,
Love, your-lover-from-district-four

Dear Peeta,
your perfect and cute and well....
And sometimes I want to be on team Gale
just so you would be single.
don't tell me your not real.
Love, the girl not on fire

Dear My Romeo,
Where art thou?
 Cause this balcony gets cold while I wait.
Seriously man? The romantic effect doesn't always make it a better story.
Love, Your Juliet

Dear Boy #1,
I am going to miss you more than you could ever know.
Your perfect face, your worried look, your tall tanned arms.
Why does college take all my lovers away?

Dear Him,

Hello, there.
You don't you my memo.
Love, Her

Dear G,
I finally did it! Virtual pain!
Love, M.



  1. Lovvve your HG references! Peeta = <3. Finnick = <3

  2. That would be the only reason why I would be team gale. Ever. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8


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