Peace. Inner Peace. True Peace. The feeling that nothing is wrong. That all is right. The feeling after a storm or when you finally get in bed after a long day. The first sip of steaming coffee or the blue sky on the cloudless day. The things that give us peace. The greatest thing that stills my heart constatelyto peace is forgiveness. When someone comes
Lately I have been feeling unrest. I am overwhelmed of many things. I overthink. I doubt. I wonder. But sometimes I just have to close my eyes and pray. And feel peace. True peace and rest in God.
Because all those heavy ladden He will give rest.

Something else God has taught me lately is forgiveness. He forgives me for every sin! My sin is truly gone. And I want to be like that. For forgiveness is one of the greatest things ever. I am a forgiven sinner and I wish to forgive the un-sorry as God did to me.

That's been my thoughts lately. What has God been teaching you?

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