Beautiful Graduation

I've offically graduated High School and realized it's not tht big of a change. I'm the same girl who went that left. Next year I'll be the same, but by the grace of God I'll have changed for the better and grown stronger. This year I have learned that a simple amount of events doesn't change me. Saying I'be graduted doesn't make me any smart. What changes is my heart inside as I watch and learn from these experiences. lessons don't change us they begin the spark that can lead to fires. I don't even know what today may bring, but I do know I lay safely in the hands of a mighty Savior.

So here's to my finshing High School and His hand in it all. Here's to my Mom, my teacher all these years. And here's to fall 2012, whatever it may bring.

Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. :) Congrads, Maya! Wish I could've been there....can't wait to see you in ummm...a few weeks!


  2. Congrats, Maya!! And hurray for the Class of 2012!! ::high five:: I'm graduating this year too :) :) :)



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