Oh the Joy of Randomness

~Graduation is toay!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess i'll offically be graduated from 12 years of working on school work. It's awe-ing. I've been making the finishing touches to my memoir on the school years ;) I'm very excited about the after party. Oh yea!

~Packing for my summer trip. It's werid to be already preparing for the adeventure of my life. Europe, here I come....

~Looking this as always. Ohmisgosh I want to download it.

~Admiring Taylor Swift more than ever. 'nuf said.

~Where I would be without nutella? Very lost...

~Loving the Lucky One, adding it to my list of Romances that make me cry, freak out, and just fall in love myself. It was a sister date with Em and me a few weeks ago when we went to see it. I was not disapointed...

~Excited about a new blog design coming soon. It's going to be summery. Oh the joy!

~Thanks to dear Sierra for this!

~you need to like me on facebook. Really. I have one like.

~And I accidently got rid of my darn signature again. Stupid delete button.
MAYA, who is excited about graduating! YIPPEE!


  1. random is great...mwwaaahhhaaa as is your post :) nutella rules, the fact that you are graduating, taylor swift in general and that you are so sweet :) your deserved it tons darling! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8

  2. Woohoo!!! I'm graduating this year too, girl!!! ::high five:: congrats!!



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