A Beautiful Life

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My life is beautiful. This I cannot deny. Every moment is a gift from God. Everything is beautiful glimpse of the land I long for. My true home in Heaven with Christ. I know the bible saids whoever hates his life gains it and whoever loves it loses it, but God wants us to have thankful hearts as we look at our current home, longing for heaven.


Life is so simple when your a christian. I mean there is struggles. There is pain, weakness, betrayl. But to have the King of Kings guiding you. He has a plan. So I will follow. We will follow. The Lord has been becoming me to just follow him lately. To never fear. He is right there always. He will protect me in this walk of life. He's been teaching me to bloom (efflorescence, right? :D) in this season, not shrink in fear. Life is beautiful when you remember God is in control even we are in the darkest night.


Life is beautiful, yet we aren't completely who we are. Usually cause of fear. But the Lord of the universe holds is in His hands! So what do we have to fear! Now is our time! This is are life....who will they remember you as? The one you took the chances, failed, but kept going til the end or the girl you never tried in fear. Like I said, this is our time. Who are you becoming? Is your life beautiful? Even if my life is awful, I cannot wait until I hear my master voice in heave. "well done, good and faithful servant!" And then to enjoy in masters happiness! Oh the Beauty!

What a beautiful life we have! If God is for us, who could be against us???

P.S. I love this song!! Beautiful! Watching Veggie tales with Willie, my little brother, when I heard it! haha

P.S.S. Leaving for Poland Friday! AHHHHHH!!!

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  1. So true, dear. Beautiful...beautiful reminder! <3

    Ooh Poland?! Missions trip?? Have fun!! I have a group of friends that went to Poland last year. They had an amazing time! I hope you do too. Take lots of pictures!



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