A life is a life no matter how small

I thought it was time I shared my views on Abortion here:

(Note: some mature themes in this article may not be sutiable for readers under 13ish)

Abortion is not something I want to make illegal. I know this sounds crude and wrong but if Abortion was illegal people would still do it...just illegally. And that would be a whole new level of pain and hurt to the woman involved.

All that being said, I still believe Abortion is 100% wrong. I believe a woman does not have a choice when it comes to a siuation such as this. It's not her life, there's another life invloved. So those who say woman have a right and choice to abort aren't thinking about the one who actually gets killed. Does the baby have a right to choose?

It's the same thing with rape. I've heard some people say it's ok for a man to rape a woman because it's his body, therefore his choice to do whatever he pleases with it. But the woman involed....she has a right too. This is an unfair siuation as she gets the puinshment for a man expressing his right to do something! It's messed up and wrong all over.

Abortion is killing. It's murder. The other day I ran across an article written about a woman murdering her child of the age of seven. I don't see why people seem so shocked. Hundreds of mothers legally kill their children every single day and no one makes a big deal, brings them to jail, or writes an article on that. I asked my brother-in-law, who worked for a newspaper why they didn't write article every time a abortion takes place. After all, that is murder. He laughed and simply said, "The newspaper doesn't have room for so many articles." What a sicking thought.

Another thing about people saying women have a choice, so they can abort their baby if they want, is that the woman who wants to abort her baby obviously already made a choice when she conviced the baby. The teenager who gets pregnant doesn't need to complain she's pregnant and has a choice because this baby will change her life and bring her shame because obviously she's gone through the motions to get pregnant. It was her mistake. This is conquence. If a married woman wishes to abort a baby, it's because she doesn't want it. That shows evil hearts and lazy people who don't wish to care for this gift the Lord has given us.

Abortion is wrong. It's murder. Don't say women have a choice, because they don't. Their only choice is made when they decide to take the risk of having sex. If you don't want to get pregnant unmarried it's as easy as saying no.


  1. Thanks for posting; this is true. Abortion is MURDER.
    Gott Segne <3

  2. I wish we could find something we could DO about abortion. i feel so helpless on this painful topic.


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