While I am still here

Most people don't think much about their death. As much as death is talked about I never seem to ponder what it will be like to actually slip from this world to the other. Oh to think earth is just a preview of whats to come!

The other night I was talking to a dear girlfriend when she said, "Do you realize Hell is real, Maya? And people we know might go...." It was a heartbreaking sentence. So much I delight in my own salvation I forget there are others who don't listen or have never heard of the good news of Christ's death and over eternal home with him.

I know as CHristians we are called to tell each other the  good truth about salvation, but lately I've been thinking it's just as important to tell the scary truth. We all will die. Where we go after that is different. It's heaven where we can worship Jesus forever or hell where there is eternal suffering. Eternal death.

Until I die, I want to share the gospel with my every last breath. While I am still here I want to prepare to go home. Oh, to go home!!!!!!With every breath we must anwser are call from matthew 28. WE must share.

For whem my day comes to enter into His kingdom I cannot wait to see my Master after all this time. Fall to my knees forever. Oh the bliss of meeting Jesus face-to-face!

And that's some thoughts on death.

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