"Struggling with Contentment" | Guest Post by Nela

If you're a person whose not in great shape, and struggles to be "skinny"...

If you're a person who desperately wants friends, but has no-one who you can truly relate too...

If you're a person whose impatiently waiting for "Prince Charming" to show up...

If you're a person who overall struggles with contentment...

then my dear, this post is for you.

Let's face it, we all (including myself) struggle with contentment in this world. It shows up right on the doorstep of our minds and tries to convince us that we're not good enough. In fact, contentment is one of the biggest lessons anyone (especially girls) have to learn in their life.

For girls, it's hard because with the media (Hollywood, magazines, and other worldly devices) trying to set the mindset that getting things NOW is better, rather than having to WAIT.  It's easy for us to be distracted from what the Lord has blessed us with, and therefore struggle with contentment .

I should know because there are many areas in my life that I truly struggle with being content. My life is by no means perfect. It's a spiritual fight that I have to face each and every day that I have here on earth, and yet I'm still learning, and probably will always be learning how to be fully content in the Lord.

But throughout my struggles, I found a few tips that help me during my time of need. Tips that I wish to share with you right now.

Tip #1: Count your blessings

This helps me whenever I'm not in a grateful mood. When I feel let down, I begin to count my blessings from the small things to the big things (Lord, I'm thankful for the bed that I'm lying on, I'm thankful for the fan blowing on my face, I'm thankful for the fingers that are allowing me to type this post, etc.)
You get the idea. ;)

Tip #2: Pray to God

It can be hard when you don't see what's ahead in your life. So what I do is that I begin a conversation with God, telling him how I feel and repenting of my lack of contentment. I can honestly say that I feel a lot better after I pray to Him. Because He alone can truly understand what I'm going through, and can listen better than any BFF. Not to mention, provide what I actually need, as opposed to what I want.  (Proverbs 18:24)

Tip #3: Read the Bible

I've heard of stories of people who where "down in the dumps", they picked up a bible, prayed to God to show them what they needed to hear, opened up the first page they came too, laid eyes on the first verse  that they saw and it instantly transformed their whole day for the better. Now I don't believe that this is generally a good method of Bible study. But one day, I decided to give it a try, and wouldn't you know it actually worked! It truly is amazing what can happen after reading an encouraging verse from the Bible that the Lord wanted you read. :)

(and last but not least)

Tip #4: Take A Break From Social Connections

It doesn't help when you see other people having something that you want. So taking a break from that network for awhile (whether it be Facebook, Blogger, Youtube, Twitter, or anything else out there) would be a good idea. Now would be a good time to step back, relax and focus on other things in life, (like going through the Scriptures to help strengthen you perhaps?) and then once you get stronger in His Word, you can decide whether or not you should go back to that social connection again. The choice is ours.

 I pray that each and every one of you would take these tips to heart and find the true comfort that you need through the Lord Jesus Christ, who sustains us in all things. (Hebrews 13:5)


Hi there! My name is Marianela, but everyone calls me Nela for short. ;) I'm a writer, a baker, a cook, a martial artist, a reader, a day-dreamer, a photographer-in-training, and a sinner saved by the grace of God. If you want to find out more about me, then check out my blogs at "Beloved Star" & Nel's Home Cooking.
Hope to see you there! :)


  1. Love this, it's exactly what I needed to hear right now. We all struggle, but we all need to lean on God because he has us struggle for an even better reason.
    Thanks Nela :)


  2. Aww, a well-thought out post.