There is something about culture that I think defines a place. When you think of a place you think of it's culture. Culture can easily be lost in stero-types. Culture changes but some should not.

Some culture I think can get mixed up with wickedness. How? Well things the bible does not address such as media can be confused at wicked but they are just a part of our culture today. Just as some things in the bible don't apply today because they are no longer a part of every day culture.  We can think modern things such as clothes, ways to court, marriage, and so on are bad things when they are simply changes in the culture.

Some culture and traditions should stay. We should never forget good american culture, and for me good south traditions. While they seem old fashioned I'd do anything for an good old corn husking, where we dance over quilts in the barn, and have my first kiss over a red-eared corn.

The more I visit other places the more I love American culture. The old west, the first settlements, from sea to shining sea don't ever say America doesnt have any culture. Sure we're not the best country when it comes to some stuff but we have good culture I don't want to forget.

A personal favorite time to celebrate is the 20th century. Good ol' 50 fashion is something I drool over. The culture back then was amazing. Take me there and I'd love to bicycle down the street to go jitter-bug with my boy. But that's my hopeless romantic mind right there.

Culture is a good thing, so let's not confuse it or lose it.


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